Walktheplank.net: consulting services for modern piracy

Let walktheplank.net put the spring back into your peg leg! Our experienced consultants know how to bring your piracy organization into the 21st century. We've worked with the best--now it's time for you to come aboard!

We'll show you how to:

Reasonable rates (hourly fee plus booty-sharing).

"After reorganizing, I discovered five salty sea-dogs I didn't know were on my crew!"

--Capt. Davy Screwjack

"When word came of a shipment of specie from the Spanish mint to the colonies, we were able to act quickly thanks to walktheplank.net. Now we've up to the fo'c'sle in doubloons and me sworn enemy Jímenez sleeps in the briny deep!"

--Blind Bill Butterick

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